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The Website may use cookies to identify the visitor/user of some of its services and web pages. The website and its relative applications use cookies.

An HTTP Cookie is a file containing an identification code (a series of numbers and letters) and which is sent by a server to a browser, where it is stored. Anytime the browser asks the server for a web page, the identification code is sent back to it.

Cookies may either be persistent or relate only to one session. Persistent cookies are stored by the browser and remain active either until their expiration date, or until the user deletes them. The cookies related only to one session, expire following the connections termination, as soon as the browser is closed (turned off).

THE COMPANY uses cookies for the following purposes:

1. Mandatory Cookies

We use these particular type of cookies to ensure the Website’s best possible function on the following:

  • Identifying users who had browsed website at least once or are its registered members and allow to present them with a personalized version of the website.
  • Avoiding the need for users who have accessed the website at least once to put in again the necessary information for having the best possible browsing experience.
  • Communicating with our website through a series of communication and information forms.

2. Functional cookies

We use these type of cookies to assess the use behavior of our Website’s user aiming to ameliorate it. By using internet statistics (web analytics) provided by Google’s statistics (Google Analytics) we can analyze the web pages the users have visited as well as other statistics (i.e. stay time at the web page, website from which they came from, number of tabs per visit etc) and through these we can provide better content to the website (according to the user’s interests). We also use the aforementioned statistics in order to record the user’s wishes and to plan accordingly our advertising strategy.

If for any reason you do not want to receive “cookies” you have to alter your browser settings accordingly, so it can either notify you for the use of cookies or not to allow their use. You shall bear in mind that any setting that does not allow the use of “cookies” may affect the way and/or the potential provided service, facilities or certain functions by the website. Not making the relevant changes is deemed by the website as acceptance to receive and store “cookies”.

Some of the web pages / advertisements may use Adobe flash Player to provide video or advertising content to the users. Adobe uses its own cookies which are not managed by your appliance’s browser, but are managed by Flash Player for similar purposes as to store preferences or information regarding the users. Flash cookies work differently against other cookies since the information entirely is stored in a cookie. You can control how much of the information can be stored in these cookies but you cannot control the kinds of information stored in them. You can control the websites which can store information through website storage settings panel at Adobe’s own website.

A lot of users find the idea of using bits invasive to their personal data, especially when a third party uses of said bits. For example, you may be opposed to the use of your information (which may have come from your browsing history through a website) for an advertising campaign. If you wish to prevent the use of cookies while browsing, you may do so by following these steps, knowing that it will the website functionality.

You may delete from your hard drive the created cookies.

Additionally, you may change the preferences/settings on the web browser that you use. In some cases you may accept cookies from certain websites and block the creation of third-party cookies. In other cases you may block cookies by certain advertisers. You shall know that deleting or blocking cookies may reduce the functionality of the website that you are browsing. For further information in relation to cookies you can visit the website: or to access the help bar on your web browser. If you have any troubles in deleting or blocking cookies in your web browser, please contact the web browser’s provider.

In the following links you can find information concerning the way you can prevent the use or deleting cookies from your web browser.

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Deleting performance analyzing Cookies

If you want to delete these kinds of cookies here please in the following link [Google Analytics:]